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Who we are

We are a small local flower farm in West Sonoma County California dedicated to growing the most beautiful plants and flowers with only the best natural soil amendments and pest control. After all, we do share our land with amazing creatures, like our goats, chickens, pigs and honey bees. We were formerly the home of The Giving Gardens Project- an organic vegetable farm and decided to follow Colleen's lifetime dream of having a flower farm.

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The Farm Hands

​   Hello, we are Colleen and Rick Austin- dedicated farm folks and absolutely passionate about flowers. Colleen graduated from the Floral Design Program at the Santa Rosa JC and has been obsessed with growing every kind of flower for as long as she can remember. Each year, we try our hand at more challenging varieties and continue to be delighted with everything that decides it wants to live here.

    Our farm was previously known as The Giving Gardens Project. It was run and managed by our son Loren, who has a degree in sustainable agriculture and is our expert in soils and soil management. Aaron, is our right-hand greenhouse assistant, IT expert and grand idea generator.

   Rick is the master of all things mechanical. He can fix nearly anything  and if he can't fix it outright, he can "MacGyver It". He runs and maintains all the equipment and drives a tractor like it is an extension of his hands.

   Colleen thoroughly enjoys all things that grow and as most of our flowers start from seeds, seeing the little sprouts pop out of the soil is an ongoing source of joy for her. That and her fascination with plant propagation. Who knew it was so easy to turn a stick into a tree!


Farm Visits,Tours and Workshops

We just love kids... and animals, and all things that grow... even weeds! We welcome visits, especially in the summer when the farm is at it's peak. We always have eggs to collect, critters to feed and there are always weeds to pull! 

   One of our goals is to provide workshops in gardening, easy plant propagation and DIY Wedding Floral designs.

   We are working on our schedule and continue to update our website as time permits. Please contact us if you would like more information or just want to say hello!

"Why try to explain miracles to your children when you can just have them plant a garden".

Robert Brault

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