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Austin Ranch Flowers

Sustainably Grown Specialty Cut Flowers

Custom Floral Designs

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What is Important

Here at Austin Ranch Flowers, our goal is to grow beautiful plants and flowers using organic and sustainable methods to protect our land, our community and all of the creatures with whom we share our amazing planet.

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The Farm

What We Grow

Here on the farm we are passionate about growing things. Lots and lots of things including, vegetable starts, annual and perennial plants and of course organic produce. And because we are a farm, we also share our land with a variety of creatures including goats, chickens and honey bees. Children too! Because we feel that it is important to do no harm, we are very careful in our farming methods and to use only use environmentally-safe and natural soil amendments, fertilizers and insect management because we would never want to harm the bees!

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Floral Design

Custom Floral Designs

In addition to providing fresh and local flowers, we use every means possible to create a "waste-free" practice by using, re-using and recycling all of our excess as well as creating seasonal, natural-looking and beautiful designs. We strive to make the smallest environmental impact possible with our designs, delivery and by using sustainable, biodegradable and reusable products. Our custom designs include weekly office arrangements, special events, tribute and "just because" arrangements. We are also planning our summertime flower bouquet stand. Stay tuned!

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Cut Flowers

We just love Flowers

We provide a large variety of specialty  cut flowers and greenery during our long growing season in Sonoma County Califorina. Our goal is to participate in and support the floral industry to become more eco-friendly. We feel that by reducing packaging and shipping waste, in addition to transportation pollution, we will be doing our part to create a more sustainable and enduring future the industry. We grow locally, sell locally and distribute locally.

   And yes, it is a lovely place to have a wedding. If you might be interested, please visit our website:

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Welcome to the Farm

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